AMCA Toronto Open 2015 Table Tennis Tournament & Picnic

AMCA Toronto 2015 Tournament
On June 13th 2015 AMCA Toronto organized 1st annual table tennis tournament titled AMCA Toronto Open 2015. There were 13 registered participants and a few spectators. All the games were hard fought and some players were visibly exhausted. After the dust settled, the following 3 people emerged victorious:

1st Place: Dan Stefancic
2nd Place: Zeljko Odorcic
3rd Place: Vladimir Res

There were quite a few friendly games, beside the actual tournament games and everybody had a good time, despite the fact that some of us didn’t play table tennis in a very long time. Perhaps some people will now be motivated to play more often, enjoying social and health aspects of the game.

After the tournament was over, winner’s cup and medals were awarded. Then the players along with some spectators went to the Croatian Parish Recreational Park “Father Kamber”on Mississauga Road. There we had friendly conversations and exchanged interesting stories from both Canada and Croatia, while having famous “cevapi” for lunch. Few friendly game of chess were played toward the end of our picnic.

We are hoping to have more participants next year, as we plan to organize the tournament earlier in the spring, before everybody gets busy with summer events and nice weather outdoors.

We hope to see you all, especially ladies, at the AMCA Toronto Open 2016.

Photos may be found here:

Two brief videos are here: