FAQ (English)

What is AMCA?

AMCA Toronto is an association of former students of Croatian Universities residing in Ontario.
Click here to see the Mission Statement.

What does AMCA stand for?


When was AMCA Toronto founded?

AMCA Toronto was founded in 1990.

What does AMCA offer?

  • Connections with former students of Croatian Universities in Ontario
  • Connections with other AMCA organizations world wide
  • Connections with other Croatian organizations in Canada and world wide
  • Facilitation of faculty and student exchanges between Croatian and Ontario Universities
  • Student scholarships
  • Participation in a variety of events:

    – AMCA Lecture Series
    – AMCA Book Club
    – AMCA Youth Club
    – Annual Dinner Event
    – Summer and fall outdoor events

How can I become an AMCA member?

It is very easy. Click this link to see (download) the membership info (Croatian only). Click this link to see and download the membership application (Croatian only). Mail the application to the address shown at the bottom of the application.

In case you’d need some additional information, please contact Mrs. Ljuba Djurdjevic or Mr. Kresimir Mustapic with your questions or concerns.

How much does it cost to be a member?

AMCA offers 3 different annual memberships:

  • Individual membership – $50.00
  • Family Membership – $75.00
  • Seniors, students, AMCA Youth member and unemployed – $20.00